DripWave storing instructions

DripWave Storage:

  • DripWave is packaged in bundles of panels.
  • For storage, place the bundles flat on the ground.
  • Do not stack on the edge.
  • Do not stack bundles more than 4 high.
  • Place DripWave bundles in a dry area, leaving the DripWave panels in their shipping packaging until you need them. The blue DripWave packaging is resistant to UV rays and will protect the panels from dirt, mud and sun damage for up to three months until they are ready to be installed.
  • DripWave panels must be protected from sunlight and moisture.
  • A good option is to store the DripWave within the building or garage if possible to protect from accidental damage, weather and theft.
  • To avoid damage, do not place anything on top of the panel bundles.
  • Sunlight and heat damage exposed foam panels over time, turning them yellow and reducing their effectiveness. Before applying stucco, ensure that DripWave panels have not turned yellow. Panels that have turned yellow must be removed and replaced. We recommend that stucco should be added as soon as possible, within two weeks of DripWave installation.

DripWave Handling:

  • When loading DripWave panels onto a flatbed truck, they must be protected on top during strapping to avoid damage. Use sheet metal corner guards underneath each strap.
  • When delivered to the warehouse or jobsite, remove the DripWave bundle carefully.
  • Do not allow panel bundle to fall or be thrown from the truck, this may damage the panels.
  • When opening DripWave packaging, open the end of the bag and slide out the DripWave panels. If using a utility knife, be careful not to cut the panel underneath the package.
DripWave Storage and Handling instructions