The Next Generation of Insulation.

Backed by four decades of stucco restoration and water intrusion expertise, StyTek’s next-generation expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation systems have changed the home construction landscape by circumventing many of the moisture-related issues faced by homeowners whose stucco-finished homes are insulated with flat insulation boards.

StyTek’s DripWave systems evade the issue of mold-causing trapped moisture through simple yet breakthrough manufacturing techniques. DripWave foam insulation boards are designed with a wavy surface, minimizing the board’s contact with the home’s water-resistive barrier and allowing for air flow to help keep the space dry. With the accompanying patented weep screed in place at the bottom of the system, water can drain down and out of the wall without becoming trapped between the insulation board and the WRB.

DripWave High Performance
Insulation Systems

Backed by industry-leading warranties, the good-better-best DripWave system line provides an efficacious insulation solution for any construction budget. Learn more about StyTek’s DripWave systems and how they can effectively reduce the chances of mold or rot compared to traditional stucco insulation systems.


DripWave High Performance
System Mesh or Panel Tape & Weep Screed

The original high-performance DripWave panel is lightweight, cost-effective and easy to install. Its resistance to moisture, UV degradation, fire and thermal conductivity makes it an ideal solution for an industry-wide problem.


DripWave High Performance
Plus System Panel Tape & Weep Screed

The DripWave Plus EPS system features our patented wavy-back design and a metallic foil layer to block radiant heat from entering the building, and an improved R-value helps the building retain heat in the cold months.


DripWave High Performance
Max Plus System Panel Tape, Weep & Vent Screed

Our newest innovation provides a truly ventilated wall space, thanks to the combination of the DripWave wavy-back design, weep screed and top vent screed. The system allows for air to flow not just one way, but both up and down the channels created by the wavy panel, preventing moisture saturation.