DripWave High Performance
Max Plus Insulation System

The DripWave High Performance Max Plus system utilizes the following DripWave components to create a ventilated system with increased energy efficiency.:

  • DripWave Plus EPS Panel
  • DripWave Panel Tape
  • DripWave Weep/Vent Screed

The DripWave Plus EPS Panel’s vertical wave profile maximizes the air space between the water-resistive barrier (WRB) and the panel providing an integral drainage plane to allow moisture to evacuate through the DripWave Weep/Vent Screed at the bottom of the wall. The additional DripWave Weep/Vent Screed located at the top of the wall allows air to enter and exhaust increasing circulation behind the panel allowing increased drying. The radiant barrier laminated to the wavy profile increases the R-Value of the system. This ventilated system creates a capillary break that allows for increased drainage efficiency and improved drying of the WRB while providing additional energy efficiency.