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DripWave manufacturing

Key Personnel

Dave Dahlin
  • Dave Dahlin
Kaye Morris
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Marla McKenna
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Kelly Horton
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StyTek’s modern manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California, produces DripWave EPS panels quickly and efficiently, with quality you can count on.

With our tongue and groove design, each piece nests perfectly with the next to ensure that moisture is controlled.

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Large Volume

StyTek maintains a large supply of DripWave insulation panels to fulfill orders at a moment’s notice.

Our warehousing and fulfillment experts will ensure that you get your order quickly, when and where you need it.

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West Coast
Fast Delivery

We ship direct to distributors from our warehouse in Sacramento, California.

StyTek protects your shipment with careful packaging to ensure that DripWave panels arrive undamaged, ready to install.