DripWave Weep Screed

There are many benefits from using DripWave weep/vent screed:

  • The elongated channels at the bottom of the weep screed provide an optimal route for water to escape and air to enter the system, regardless of the position of the DripWave panel
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of DripWave insulation panels
  • Made from quality galvanized metal
  • Available in 10' lengths
  • Provides 3/8" from the face of the DripWave insulation panel to the edge of the weep metal, in alignment with one-coat stucco application requirements
  • Complies with ASTM C847 IBC and IRC
  • Complies with Table 25-B of the UBC
  • Easy to install

Easy to Install

Get the benefits of an expertly designed weep metal designed to maximize the effectiveness of the DripWave system, with no additional labor or training requirement. DripWave weep/vent screed makes installation of the DripWave system quick and easy.
  • Fast installation
  • No special instructions or training is required
  • Meets all requirements for one-coat stucco systems